Keycloak & React.JS & Router Integration How To

January 29, 2021

Tags: #keycloak #authentication #react #router #javascript

Finally I managed to create a video series about my already several years existing demo application about how to setup a React.JS application and how to integrate with Keycloak for successful authentication and probably some kind of role-based authorization.

This app is being maintained constantly and evolves over time. Here’s the link to the GitHub repository:

dasniko/keycloak-reactjs-demo - GitHub

The video series consists of three parts, available for free on YouTube:

  1. Basic integration, configuration and usage with no 3rd-party library besides keycloak-js itself.
  2. Conditional rendering of components and views, depending on Keycloak auth data, like authN state, roles, etc.
  3. Integration with React Router, having conditional routes, depending on authN state, roles, etc.

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