Singapore JUG - Containers vs. Serverless - the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

ContainerConf 2018 - Containers vs. Serverless - the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

JUG Thuringia - Was Du schon immer über Serverless wissen wolltest

microXchg 2018 - Containers vs. Serverless - the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

microXchg 2018 - Serverless Lessons Learned

VoxxedDays Zurich 2018 - One does not simply log in! - SSO for Web APIs

W-JAX 2017 - Serverless Lessons Learned

DevOpsCon 2017 - Interview about Do’s and Don’ts for Serverless

JUG DA Shorttalk - Serverless - wtf?

API Summit 2017 - Interview on API Security, Auth{n,z}

JavaZone 2017 - Security and Single Sign On for Web APIs

JAX 2017 - Serverless Cloud Architectures

JAX 2017 - Interview on Serverless Computing (german)

W-JAX 2016 - Single Sign On für Microservices und verteilte (Java EE) Anwendungen

J-Fall 2016 - How small can you go? Serverless Microservices

API Summit 2016 - Interview on Web API Security

JAX 2016 - Keine Last mit den Tests - Lasttests mit Gatling

JavaZone 2016 - Isomorphic JavaScript Apps

JavaScript in Enterprise Contexts - Java EE Expert Circle by Gedoplan IT, Germany

Interview at JAX 2016 conference on Isomorphic JavaScript apps with React.JS and Java EE MVC

VoxxedDays Zürich 2016 - Stresstests with Gatling

JFokus 2016 - Isomorphic JavaScript Apps

JavaOne 2015 - CON2133 Nodyn and Vert.x: Running Distributed Node.js Apps in JVM Environments

JEEConf (Kiev, Ukraine) - Node.js and Evented I/O Alternatives on the JVM

Developer Interview by Markus Eisele (Red Hat) on Java EE and Node.js Performance

Project Avatar: More than just Node.js on the JVM / W-Jax 2014

Avatar 2.0 @ JavaOne 2014, San Francisco

My Avatar 2-Minute Tech Tip at Oracle Open World / JavaOne 2014

The Avatar-Framework - JavaScript-Binding for Java EE components / JAX 2014

Meteor JS - Fullstack reactive JavaScript Platform / DWX 2014

Code-Quality despite of JavaScript / DWX 2014

MeteorJS Platform @ Berlin Expert Days 2014

Code Quality despite of JavaScript @ Berlin Expert Days 2014

NightHacking Interview about JavaScript and Node.js with Project Avatar on the JVM