Serverless Compute Manifesto

December 30, 2016

Tags: #serverless #manifesto #aws #cloud

While updating and preparing my “Serverless (Web/Microservice) Architectures” slides for upcoming conference talks, I stumbled upon the Serverless Compute Manifesto, which was introduced during 2016 at various conferences by AWS people. I didn’t find a unique source, but a dedicated Google search shows some interesting entries!

The full manifesto:

Serverless Compute Manifesto

  • Functions are the unit of deployment and scaling.
  • No machines, VMs, or containers visible in the programming model.
  • Permanent storage lives elsewhere.
  • Scales per request. Users cannot over- or under-provision capacity.
  • Never pay for idle (no cold servers/containers or their costs).
  • Implicitly fault-tolerant because functions can run anywhere.
  • BYOC - Bring Your Own Code.
  • Metrics and logging are a universal right.

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