Keycloak Events Logging Revised

September 21, 2023

Tags: #keycloak #authentication #events #logging

It’s been now 3 years since I wrote about Keycloak events and how to see them occurring in the log output of the server. As the basic concept of how, or, on which log level they are written to the logger still remains the same, the way it will be configured has been changed completely with the Quarkus distribution.

In my mentioned post, I describe two ways of how to configure the logging. Meanwhile, I prefer setting the proper log level on the jboss-logging event listener over reconfiguring the log level for the package logger.

Depending on the way you configure you environment, you have these options:

Using the .conf configuration file


Using the command line arguments


Using environment variables


See also here.
You can read more about Keycloak configuration in the official guide.

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