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May Wrap-up - Jax Conference and Serverless Book

June 1, 2017

Ok, this month I’m almost in time, just one day late! ;)
May was packed with the Jax conference in Mainz, which I attended for three days and gave two talks and a cloud workshop. And - of course - with new progress on writing the Serverless Computing book.

Let’s start with the Jax conference. I started my activites on the second day (at the first day I just attended some sessions and had great conversations) with my Serverless hands-on lab.

Unfortunately the wi-fi connection was very bad this year, so we had some problems doing a cloud-workshop without any internet connection. So I had to talk more than planned and showed more examples than doing them all together. However, the participants who stayed until end of the workshop gave me good feedback and I enjoyed the lab!

In the afternoon I gave my session about Serverless Computing which was also recorded. Happily I didn’t need to rely on wi-fi b/c there was a LAN cable available.

At the third day I gave my session about Security, SSO and IAM for web-based APIs. It was scheduled in the main conference hall where approx. 800 ppl will fit in. I was really astonished, that people still are that much interested in security topics (b/c that’s not really somthing new, just new ways to do it). Also afterwards I had many good discussions about SSO and IAM. Seems that this topic will follow me quite a time. :)

This was also the first time that I know that an attendee made a sketch note of my talk. Thanks Joy Clark!

I made good progress again on writing the Serverless Buch! After April, where I had some trouble finding motivation and the right words, I’m now up again.

As it seems, I now have written something to any planned and un-planned chapter. Yes, I decided to remove some initial planned chapters and to re-structure the content a bit, so that there now is a new chapter called “Deployment and Tools”.

I have now nearly up to 300 pages (done with my own formatting, not the final layout settings, so this will change). Original target was only a small book(let) between 120 and 150 pages. I didn’t expect me to write that much content. Wow!

In the next weeks I have to re-structure some paragraphs and other small things and integrate some of the first review comments I already got (thanks to Eberhard Wolff). But there has to be another review in a few weeks. Also, artwork for some cover options is already in work. Let’s see next month if I already have one chosen or if I need you to get the best of the available alternatives.

Still, keep following the @serverlessbuch Twitter account to be updated about progress and any news. I also try to do a first shot of the book website in the next month!

So long, stay tuned and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. As always, I’m happy to answer!

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