JFokus - a conference I can really recommend

February 10, 2016

Tags: #jfokus #conference #java #javascript #community

I’m currently on my flight back from Stockholm, where I attended the JFokus conference for the first time, gladly not only as attendee, but I gave also a talk on Isomorphic JavaScript apps with Nashorn and React.js.

It was the 10th edition of JFokus and Mattias Karlsson and his team did a really, really great job. I heard of the good spirit of JFokus before, but this year I was able to convince myself about all the rumors I’ve been told. And I must confess - now that I know this conference, I feel like I missed something really important for the last 9 years. Seriously! Good talks, great speaker, perfect venue (although at its limits), perfect party and networking!

I’m running out of superlatives - but I can really recommend this event to everybody who is involved in Java, JavaScript, Web or whatever development in any way. Come to Stockholm, visit the beautiful city, enjoy this conference and learn from the best in our community!

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