Is Oracle's Avatar dead?

January 27, 2015

Tags: #nodejs #avatar #oracle #javascript #avatarjs

After more than one year with Avatar.js and Project Avatar - the Node.js solutions running on the JVM from Oracle, I must assume, that Avatar is dead!


Let me summarize what happend in the past:

I did several talks and articles online and print about Avatar in the past to promote this very interesting and promising solution. Perferct integration of modern non-blocking Node.js applications with the mature and stable Java ecosystem!

And I asked a lot via Twitter, E-Mail, Mailing-List, etc. about the future of Avatar.

Now, it’s just about 4 months after JavaOne 2014 and nothing happend at all! No answers to questions, no communication, no source code, no NOTHING!

Because there are no answers at all, I now must suppose that Avatar is dead!
I also posted this assumption to the Avatar mailing list. Perhaps I’m getting an answer this time!?

In my opinion, Oracle made a big mistake in not talking to the community, to its customers! It’s not about that the project isn’t evolving any more. I’m disappointed about the missing communication!

I would be very happy, if I’m wrong and there are news about Avatar. But I’m in doubt.

Red Hat is doing it way better with Nodyn. Just have a look at it when thinking about Node.js on the JVM!

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