Meteor has landed! It's now on 1.0!

October 28, 2014

Tags: #nodejs #mongodb #meteorjs #javascript

These are really good news! Meteor is now on version 1.0!
Meteor is an open source platform for building modern web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript. These apps have live-updating interfaces that let people see information and collaborate with each other in real time, have subtle but essential touches like dialog boxes and popups that feel more like desktop apps than websites, and most importantly, can be run in a browser or installed on any mobile device from the app store.

And now, that there is an official non-zero version, it's time for YOU to get professional training on this awesome and powerful reactive JavaScript platform! You are free to decide to get it directly from me in an one-to-one, inhouse or official training course at GFU at Register now! Just get in contact, send me a note or give me a call!

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