Review of JAX 2014

May 16, 2014

Tags: #jaxcon

This years JAX conference was awesome! Much more than I expected!
There was a wide variety of interessting and trending topics, more than I was used to in the past years. Due to attending much more conferences in the past year, I was able to focus at JAX to some topics I had no chance before. So I chose this year many scripting language related talks, as Scala and Groovy. I have no practise at all in these languages, although of my strong JavaScript background. Scala and Groovy are really cool languages running on the JVM! Seems that I must do more script-hacking. ;-)
Additionally I had very much very interessting conversations about various subjects, not only about the "Project Avatar - more than just Node.js on the JVM" talk Heiko and me gave on tuesday. This was also a new experience, the first time on a big stage like the Kongresssaal in the Rheingoldhalle in Mayence. I'm curious about the video which was taken of our talk. I will write about it, as soon it's available. Thanks to all attendees of our talk!
Especially many thanks to Wolfgang Weigend and Peter Doschnikow (both Oracle), Lars Röwekamp (open knowledge), Oliver Zeigermann and Rene Schönfeld (d.punkt) for their time talking about this and that, especially about JavaScript (on Nashorn) in Java EE environments. I love this kind of stuff!

Kudos to Sebastian Meyen and the team of Software&Support for organizing this conference. Boys and girls - you did a great job!

CU @ W-JAX in Munich!

BUT: please consider an Espresso Bar for the next time, even if we have to pay for it! All day long filter coffee isn't that nice...!! ;-)

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