JavaOne 2016 Keynote Comments

September 21, 2016

Unfortunately I can’t be at this years JavaOne conference, but thanks to our modern communication infrastructure, I was able to view the live-streamed JavaOne Keynote at home. Let’s skip all these sponsored “Industry” and “Visionary” keynotes and focus on that what’s important: Java EE!

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New API Summit in Berlin

August 11, 2016

There’s a new kid in town! Please welcome the API Summit 2016 on November 22st & 23rd in Berlin! I’m pleased to be part of this new awesome 2-day conference with a session about Security and Single Sign On for Web APIs.

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Single-Sign-On for Microservices and/or Java EE applications with Keycloak SSO

June 24, 2016

A few weeks ago, one of my customers asked me about a simple way to secure his web application. The solution should “just” provide a login/logout mechanism and perhaps a possibility to request a forgotten password. Nothing more (in first case). As I helped a few other companies with securing their web applications and introduce SSO (Single-Sign-On) solutions, I started to ask a few more questions…

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